Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH - office building expansion

The EAS Einhaus-Anlagenservice GmbH is a technically competent and reliable pipe construction company with headquarters in Geeste (Germany) and with company locations in Leipzig (Germany) and Skwierzyna (Poland).

The company was founded in 2001 by the Managing Directors Detlef Einhaus and Jürgen Dove. Since that time, the range of services and the workforce was steadily increased. Currently about 150 people are employed.

Volume of sales

Our company has provided over the past five financial years following transactions for constructions:

Buisiness year Million EUR (€)
2011 15,2
2012 14,8
2013 14,1
2014 15,6
2015 19,2

Technical equipment

For the execution of the various services a complete technical equipment stands us for all employees.

Special equipment for high pressure testing of pipelines in all sizes with Pig traps for all dimensions.

All necessary special tools and safety equipment are available.